I haven’t even begun to write and I am totally emo over this blog post.  The Christy Thompson video is finally ready!   One Saturday in August it was finally shoot day.  I have been directing for almost 2 years now – but this was different.  This was real….  I showed up happy, excited, and nervous.  As the Director and EP – everything was on my shoulders.  There was no production company to have my back if shit hit the fan –  but I did have Desiree and the best crew ever.   And I can say that because by no means am I green on set.

At 8 am –  in rolled the riffraff.

Is that the $25,000 microphone that showed up dented or how I am feeling?

Scissor lifts are a sure sign of a real production.

I really can’t believe that I just might pull this off.

Of course Martin, the DP, made me look really good!

And Rob just looked good.

Maxi brought laughter and made sure to make his own music video that day.

Ashley is an expert on “How to Look good Naked”

Conner’s stedicam equipment is worth over a 100K   I think I may even be low balling that figure.

Ryan’s set up was no joke either.  It came with a camera assistant.

As the DP (director of photography) Martin is in charge of all the shooters, and grip & electric.  So if the footage looks like crap – it’s Martin’s fault.

Wait, are you doing play-back or stealing my stories again for your blog post?

This is the box Chris made for the video.  We’re doing last minute sanding to avoid ass splinters.

How many people does it take to unwind 250 feet of nautical rope?

Christy’s here… The talent get’s to show up last.  A few more minutes of rest, but they also get cold eggs.

There she is!!  Desiree, our producer, who made cupcakes and homemade yogurt so we all felt comfy.

Maxi did his artistry magic on Christy.  I am not sure why he had me do style story boards as he does only what he wants to do.

Omar practiced his technique.

What???  Christy is giving you a hard time about the wardrobe?  Ok, I’ll  make decisions.

This dress is what you are wearing!!  I had the vision at the Universal Studios costume sale and I bought the vintage buttons after.  They cost more than the dress.

Now Ashley is smiling.

Ladies, how many more minutes till she is on set?

Chris is practicing tying the rope for Lauren –  the stand in.  He got so heated with excitement, we had to have security brought in.

Dean, the AD (assistant director), keeps the pace of the day and keeps me safe.  Anyone with the name Dean has to be cool.

Christy ‘s in the box.  Time for “last looks”

This is where I convince her to do things she totally feels uncomfortable doing.

Hmmm – excuse me.  What did you say?

Let’s do a rehearsal please.

Going again.

Ready and…..


Special thanks to Michael Utsinger for making the location possible and Andrew Baik for taking all the photos.  Part 2 with the official video next.