My best friend and I went to the Eat-Real Street Food Festival Sunday event (Aug 29th) in Oakland, CA. I’ve been hearing raves about the previous food festival in SF no more than a couple weeks ago, and those that have went to that one say that the Eat-Real food festival (in Oakland) had a better turnout as far as food/vendors/caterers were concerned. You know that made me feel a bit better… =)

We were a bit overwhelmed with the amount of catering trucks, and long lines, and the scent of good food that was lingering in the air. When we arrived so we decided to walk around the event to see what was being offered. Our first stop was at Gerard’s Pallela, want to know why? Because of this monstrous eye catching thing:

We made our ways around, stopped my the El Porteno Argentinean Empanadas not once but twice so I can take some home to share with the roomies. Here’s a photo of the Carne (Beef) one. Flaky crust, juicy tender beef filling. YUM

and then Senor Sisig:

This place was crackin, the line never seemed to dim down throughout the whole day. We ordered the Beef Sisig tacos.

The weather was perfect, beautiful breeze, next to the port of Oakland in the Jack London Square. The foodies were everywhere, real food made fast, and all under $5!

I’m sorry this is a bit late, but I really need to share these photos!


– Jerilene