At one time Eddie Murphy was the biggest name in Hollywood Comedy, I mean not only did he star in one of the greatest movies ever, (Prince Akeem) “Coming To America” he was also the writer behind the movie, and played 4 roles in the film. Beverly Hills Cop, Trading Places, The Golden Child, The Nutty Professor, 48 Hours, Harlem Nights, etc, etc…the list goes on. If you grew up in the 80’s / 90’s you were a fan, and chances are he made you laugh at one time or another. Here is a fine example of what may still be to this day, my favorite movie scene, EVER!

Back in the 80’s Eddie Murphy also tried his hand in pop music, “MY Girl Wants To Party All The Time,” I’ll spare you the drama of having to listen to it, yet again. As if you didn’t get enough of it back in the day. In “92” he performed with Shabba Ranks in Jamaica, at Reggae Sunsplash, “I Was A King,” I’m guessing this was the catalyst behind his future reggae endeavor.

However, in the past couple of years it seems as if he has been putting more effort into making reggae music then comedy. Two years ago he teamed up with Snoop Dog / Lion, on a track called “Red Light.” This song flew slightly under the radar, but wasn’t all that bad. As a veteran reggae fan, I was more impressed then let down.

Well once again he is back with another reggae jam, this one is called “Oh Jah Jah.” The inspiration for this song comes from The Ferguson Riots, Police Brutality, and the deadly Ebola virus that suddenly impacted the world in early 2014 / early 2015. (Heavy Stuff).
Recently Eddie Murphy told Rolling Stone Magazine, “I’m not a Rasta. I’m doing a reggae track, reggae artists they say Jah, so I said Jah. I can call God Jah and not be a Rasta. The lyrics lent itself to this whole reggae feel,” He also said that depending on the feedback from this track, he may release a complete reggae album.

Well, there it is. He may not be a true Rasta, he may not be from Jamaica, and he may not be receiving any awards for his reggae anytime soon, but his effort was certainly commendable. Personally, I wouldn’t be mad if he decided to release a complete reggae album. Ya know, he does own an island in the Bahamas, so if the shoe fits, I say, WEAR IT!