This day and age it seems that the car scene has become so saturated with shows that are just too cookie cutter. Find a city, book the nearest convention center, have trophies, and there you go; you have yourself a car show. What makes events such as H2Oi, Simply Clean, and the Original SoWo, once held in Helen, GA so special, was because of the experience and atmosphere it provided for enthusiasts to enjoy. Since the cancellation of Southern Worthersee after 2015, the South East has been left in dark with nothing new, nothing genuine, nothing original for car enthusiast to enjoy. Thanks to a large and close group of friends there is a new show to prep for. A show that has definitely grown in such a small amount of time that I haven’t seen in ages. Held in the quant City of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Riverside Chattanooga has a slogan that is refreshing to hear. “Come for the cars, stay for the people.”  Which is exactly what a lot of are in this for. The people. Sure, the cars are what we share the same passion for but thats only a small part of why we do what we do and sometimes throw our life savings towards. Similar to Simply Clean, There are no trophies given out, there are no awards what so ever. Come hang out, see old friends, make new ones, and as you head home; have you wanting to tell your friends all about it and come back next year.  I must say the variety and quality that Riverside Chattanooga brings to the table is something you will see for yourself. Along with a one of a kind venue and being right in the middle of the mountains, I can’t think of a better way to start off the show season than this show right here! Which is why I drive close to 12 hours one way each year. So please enjoy these photos, Follow Riverside Chattanooga on Instagram, and I hope to see you there next year!











































































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