Fatlace is proud to be a sponsor for Fixed Fixed 5 in St.Petersburg, Florida. So if you’re out in Florida and looking to either enter, watch a good race or just to hang out, hit up Fixed Fight 5!

Fixed Fight 5 – St. Petersburg, Florida

Here’s what TJS has to say for this final race:

Fixed Fight 5 presented by Cinelli will be the last race in the series that started back in 2007. So many things have happened since that first race. I’ve decided that “THE race to attend” each year in Florida has run its course. Attendance has risen each year, sponsors continue to grow, positive feedback never ends… wait, why am I ending it again? Honestly it’s just time for new things. The Fixed Fight “brand” will not go away entirely. I have plans for new events in the future, but the race as it track stands today will be no more. So what does this all mean? It means you better show up for one hell of a final race this year! St. Petersburg’s own Michael and Carol Davis have graciously stepped in to design this year’s course. Expect to see some favorite checkpoints from previous FixedFights. Expect it to be fast. Expect the prizes to be epic. Expect the competition to be well trained and ready to fight. Expect to have FUN! Each year the race is built upon numerous sponsors. This year is no different. Please support them as they support you by making this race possible. Please note that this year’s race is being presented by Cinelli.

A fun part of Fixed Fight that everyone looks forward to each year is the flier artwork. This year’s art has been provided by HORSEBITES, known for countless music industry cover artwork, show posters and general illustrations. Please visit him at horsebitesdesign.com and support his work with the Black Axe design group. A special thanks to the following that stepped up and helped make the Final Fixed Fight happen… Michael and Carol, Jordan, Richard aka HORSEBITES, Matt at Café Bohemia, PBR Matt, Pete and my brother Chris. A special thank you to my wife Tiffany and daughter Averie. You guys are the reason I keep rolling. Keep an eye out for more hellaHYPHY events and updates in the future. Thank you for five amazing years!