This Saturday in Los Angeles from 11am-3pm yes midday, kind of backyard siesta even with food & drink…
I’ll be co-MC’ing the event alongside the K Town Special, the Icee Fresh, Mr. Ben Baller
I’m going to be MC’ing for Team Marvel & teamed up with Chef Ludo

Thanks to SA Studios for getting me in the mix…

Here’s some verbage taken from the Capcom-Unity website where the event will be streamed LIVE:
Just like our fight clubs, this event is first come, first serve so get there early as we will only be able to let around 200 folks in. We may be able to squeeze in more as people leave but make sure to head over early to guarantee a ticket in.

We will have the game to play, food to eat and an insane food truck battle featuring some of LA’s finest new chefs including Chef Ludo and Chef Eric Greenspan. Creating dishes inspired by our Marvel and Capcom characters in the game, this is an event that you LA Locals dont want to miss!

And if you are excited to come and want to tweet about it, please use #MVC3FoodFight when talking about how awesome it is.

Hope to see all of you there! And if you want to drop me a PM to give me any suggestions/feeback on this event, please do!