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Owner: Felipe Silva (@grounded_flip_bb)
Group: Grounded Crew
Car: 2006, Scion xB
Modifications: Raceland Coilovers, Grant GT Wood Grain Steering Wheel, Quad Dual Exhaust Tips, Badgeless Front Grill.
Wheels: F/ZERO2  15×8.5/9.5  4×100  +15 All Around
Tires: BlackLion Landscape 195/45/15

Why F/ZERO Wheels?: Simply put, fate.

I had to think of a wheel that wasn’t on every car already. SEMA 2013 came around and I knew wheel manufacturers were going to display new products for the new year so I waited for coverage to come in. One day I was flipping through Instagram and I noticed that Fatlace had posted a line of wheels they were going to release along with AME Wheels. Right away I started looking for information on them: specs, manufacturing info, pricing, availability, etc. I knew then that the FZERO2 model was the one I wanted. The finish, the concave and Work Equip-esque look appealed to me, so I sat and waited.

A few months later, my club mate Jesse Ortiz contacted me about a possible sponsorship/demo car opportunity for my Scion xB. By no stretch of the imagination is my car a showstopper or a ‘Best of Show’ vehicle; It’s my daily and my canvas. I kept it simple and clean according to my philosophy that “Less is more”. Needless to say, I was shocked that someone wanted my car as a demo vehicle for a wheel company.

I ended up on the phone with Antonio from Motormavens/86 Fest and he mentioned that they were looking for a car that ran a 4×100 setup. They needed something other than an old school Toyota or Miata, so they could slap on these wheels and show them off to others outside the old school crowd.

My eyes lit up and my jaw hit the floor when I realized the wheels were F/ZEROs. I replied, “I have been keeping my eyes on these since SEMA and here you are trying to make this connection happen”.

Photo Credit: Felipe Silva

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