F/ZERO FRIDAY will be an ongoing photo feature project highlighting F/ZERO wheels, cars, and owners. Stick around each Friday for another post!

Owner: Zach Zadoo (@zachzx)
Car: 1979, Datsun 280ZX
Modifications: S13 coilovers adapted to fit, LED underglow lighting, light engine mods.
Wheels: F/ZERO2 15×8.5  4×114.3  -6
Tires: Hankook 205/50/15

Why F/ZERO Wheels?: Initially I was looking for some classic Japanese wheels to go along with the classic Japanese car. After failing to acquire a set of classic wheels that would fit the car and not break the bank, the search turned to finding new wheels. The F/ZERO wheel line was the perfect choice as it had the perfect fitment for Datsuns and resembled the old school Japanese wheels that I was searching for without being replicas.

Photo Credit: Kevin Chow (@kchow510)

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