F/ZERO FRIDAY will be an ongoing photo feature project highlighting F/ZERO wheels, cars, and owners. Stick around each Friday for another post!

Owner: Gerardo Roman (@origin_90)
Car: 1982 Toyota Corolla (TE72 Wagon)
Planned Modifications: Fresh Paint, Motor Work, etc.
Wheels: F/ZERO2 15×8.5  4×114.3  -6
Tires: 195/50 R15

Why F/ZERO Wheels?: Why not F/ZERO?! Like any old school car enthusiast, I had to get some old school wheels to match. Started to search for wheels for my wagon, but could not find the right ones and of course for the right price. Rob from R-Spec told me about Fatlace and how they were going to roll out with some new wheels. I thought to myself, “Hmm, I’ll check them out.” Well, whenever I see knew rims they’re not so appealing to me, which wasn’t the case this time. Do you believe in first sight? Well, I sure do. These wheels were so clean that I was convinced these were the right wheels for me. They’re worth it. I love these wheels and you should, too! Just look at them!

Photo Credit: Gerardo Roman

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