The very first concert that I ever attended was, Brenda K. Starr and Stacey Q at a freestyle event in Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson NJ. I was in 6th Grade and 12 years old, it was 1988. I’ve always been a freestyle music fan, growing up in a roller skating rink in Jackson NJ which was practically located across the street from my house, you weren’t left with many options but to skate to freestyle music, lets just say the sound stuck with me, the vibe was right, and the feel intense, your feet would move naturally to the sound of that music on the skating floor (we referred to that movement as shuffling). I grew up on it, and still look to it when I want to reminisce or just need to pass some time.
Fast forward 25 years or so I’m sitting in the barbershop one day next to this really familiar looking, pretty lady who is waiting for her sons hair to get cut, normally I would strike up conversation with some of the folks in there while I’m waiting for my cut. My barber (Roy, who is also one of my best friends) is finishing up the kids hair cut. Let’s just say I was catching up on some emails, texts, facebook messages, etc…I was pre-occupied. Well, sure enough my time in the chair arrives and as I sit down Roy says; Hey, did you see who that was (knowing that I’m a freestyle music type of guy), I said no…He proceeds to tell me that was Brenda K. Starr, the singer, she lives in Jackson now, and she comes in here quite often. I was a bit surprised to say the least. She had pipes, and alot of connections. For starters, Mariah Carey began her career as one of Mrs. Starrs back up singers and was also one of her best friends. In a minute you will realize she has a connection to J. Lo as well…


During American Idol just the other night her daughter Gianna Isabella had her break-out moment audition performing a powerful old song from 1964, House of The Rising Sun by The Animals. I’d say she did it a great justice for the short time that she sang. I’m clearly voting for the hometown home girl, obviously Jackson NJ is with me as we stand behind Gianna. Good luck young lady, and safe travels, as you head to Hollywood to compete against the best of the best! Here is the video to her audition and the chance her mom had to reconnect with an old friend, Jennifer Lopez.