My girl Abi (girlsarethenewboys) has started this “What’s in your Closet?” closet feature on the Hellz Bellz blog. Check it out, this week I’m in it!

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If you want to be a part of “What’s In Your Closet?” simply email answering the questions below. And please attach 3-4 pictures of  1) of your actual closet 2) favorite item in it 3) fave Hellz item (if ur favorite item IS Hellz (which it should be lol) you can combine it), and  4) a pic of yourself rockin Hellz.

Name, age, city

A person’s closet can sometimes describe a lot about the person. How would yours describe you?

If your closet could talk, what would it say?

What does style mean to you? Describe your style.

What are three items in your closet that you can’t live without?

What is your current favorite outfit or “go-to” outfit

Favorite Hellz item in your closet and what it means to you? Or share a story behind it if there is one.


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