In terms of style, I have always placed myself in the “wears whatever she fucking wants” category. Since I was a kid I marched to the beat of my own drum; my 3 Swatch watch wrist, perfectly circled sunnies, and baggy printed surf pants proved that. I was fully aware of trends and brand names but never followed. And as an adult, I’m still the same. But now I pay a little more attention.

One of the brands I’ve been paying attention to is HLZBLZ. Not for obvious reasons like it’s one of the few female street brands out, or that it’s run by a female, but because it has that same “whatever the fuck I want” attitude I have. You couple that with a 90s inspiration, and you have my full attention. Which is why I’m here.

HLZBLZ just dropped their Fall/Winter collection called XXXPLOSIV, and as its name suggests, it’s fire. It’s indicative of growth, but still cutting edge, and all about individuality. My favorites from the collection are those reimagined classic sportswear pieces like the windbreaker (think Nautica) and the sportsbra (think Aaliyah in Tommy). Other pieces emphasize a unisex aesthetic with baggy jeans and trousers – all styled with the black canvas silver tipped belt (so good!!).


hlz-1 hlz-2hlz-3

XXXPLOSIV is available now on and coming soon to select retail locations.