Spent the entire weekend on the beach in Belmar New Jersey watching my son @nicolas_gardella compete in the Eastern Surfing Association’s Northeast Regionals, and although we didn’t come home with the win, he competed at a very high level against some amazing little kids! I couldn’t help but be impressed with the level of talent in his division and how well these kids are progressing in this sport.
After the event I came home to find out Matt Meola (pro surfer from Maui), who is considered one of the best aerial surfers in the world, dropped a new edit. This particular edit displays exactly what I mean by progression of the sport! Allow me to introduce to you the “Spindle 540” a trick that Matt has cleverly dubbed all on his own. The scene was Maui the conditions were epic and the video is top notch! Matt Meola has clearly taken the sport to a higher level.