A few weeks ago, my filmaker friend said, “Hey Ronnie, my friend made a movie that you might like!” I thought it would be something about cars or martial arts, since that’s what kind of decorations I have up at work. She sent me a link w/ the name “Hypebeasts“. That surprised me since I’m not a hypebeast, why the heck would I like that?! haha… (I do like kicks and gear though).

I really enjoyed the trailer. The filming style has little bit of Spike Lee flavor, the beats are sick and the story looks engaging. Looks like a movie that I can relate to and wanted to see the rest.  Found out that it was still in production, so I asked my friend to connect me with Ms. JDM for a quick Q&A. On to the interview.

What can you tell me about the movie?

The short film is my thesis film at the NYU graduate film program. I wanted to dispel the idea that racism no longer exists, and that in fact, it’s getting worse and going unchecked. It’s inspired by a real reoccurring event of fast food cashiers writing derogatory and racist comments on customers’ receipts. In the film, the main character is a Filipino-American sneakerhead on his way to a sneaker campout with his sister and best friend, but his desire to get to line is hindered when his sister finds a comment on their receipt.

When will it be released?

The movie is quite close to being finished and soon we’ll start submitting it to the film festival circuit in the fall. Creative Rec was kind enough to let us use a sneaker they hadn’t released yet at the time, the Cota, and now it’s finally out.

Will there be an exclusive shoe be created for you by Creative Rec?

That would be amazing if they came out with a HYPEBEASTS sneaker, but that depends on the success of this film haha.

Are you planing on a hypebeast camp out line for the release of the movie?

No hypebeast camp out for the release, I’ve been in too many sneaker campouts to know how agonizing the waiting is.

Thanks for your time Jess! I can’t wait to see your movie.

HYPEBEASTS TEASER TRAILER from Jessica dela Merced on Vimeo.

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Written and Directed by Jessica dela Merced
Produced by Gigi Dement & Marissa Aroy
Cinematography by Matthew Mendelson
Color Correction by Niles Heckman
Music: Wild’n Cuz I’m Young by Kid Cudi