Wsup to all the Freshest, Realest, and #ILLEST! I am proudly the Illest Brand Marketing Manager! My government name is Art, my family calls me Artie, and the internet knows me as Ferrariartie. You however, can call me handsome. I’m just kidding…but really.

Just a tad bout myself,  you could either catch me shooting bricks on the blacktop, listening to Frank Ocean, and or enjoying a DOUBLE-DOUBLE with a side of Well Done fries and a Coke.

And when I’m not #Ballislife, waiting for Frank Ocean’s next album (frank pls), or inhaling a #1 at In-N-Out Burger, you could catch me working out of the Illest Boutique in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles!



Once you come my waaaay, I’ll make sure to keep you way, way, way UP on all things ILLEST! Way Cool.

– Ferrariartie