The Rolls Royce factory is based not far from me in the South Coast UK, West Sussex, Goodwood Estate and it was actually a while ago when I visited but decided to bring it back again and post them on here for those who like to get nerdy about manufacturing.  Being a fairly big employer in my area, a few of my friends worked there and one day, I got asked if I wanted to check it out by my mate Phil.  So with my camera primed, I took some pictures and decided to share them on here.  Enjoy!

If you ever wanted something custom in your RR, these guys will hook you up.  RR’s Bespoke Design Team.






Spirit of Ecstasy

Those pretty cows you saw in the countryside…yeah they end up here looking even prettier.



General Assembly area with all the seperate parts ready to be installed.  This particular one was going to China (Chinese flag on the rear quarter panel)


Dashboard piece for the Phantom





Ready for fitting








The Wraith.  Each major section of the car is made from solid aluminium, CNC’d into shape and assembled for it’s first fitting where modifications can be made if necessary before the production moulds are made.





RR did an electric prototype


If you ever seen a RR’s Spirit of Ecstasy on display and you fancy stealing it, just remember that they are shock sensitive and will retract with enough force to pull your hand down with it before you can even say ‘Phantom’

Classic umbrella in the door