Wsup y’all! Mr.West is in the buildin’! The LACMA that is. With the collaborative help of Film phenom Steve McQueen, the conceptual art installation features songs “ALL DAY” & “I Feel Like That.” Although the installation is 8 minutes long, it was nowhere short of being the #ILLEST!

Let me take a moment, for a toast…..I SAID TOAST, M#####F%%KA!

From making 5 beats every summer day to SWISH, Red October to BOOST, 1000 female dogs to Kim, Yeezus proves, once again, that not one artistic field is unconquerable! Although LACMA prohibits one from taking photos or video, I was badboy enough to break the rules. Apologies in advance to LACMA, ‘Ye, and Mr. McQueen for breakin’ the law of the fine establishment, but if it matters, I made sure to view the installation, the first time through, with my full attention, without my arms at a 90 degree angle. 🙂

On to my illegal snapshots:






Mood: #SWAY

Big thanks to LACMA, DONDA, Yeezy, & Steve McQueen for creating an avant-garde installation for the world to enjoy! And to Kanye West, I know you are in the Los Angeles Area a lot, swing by my apartment, we can share words over some ice cream and stuff. House warming gifts include: Black Sample Yeezy Boost 750 Size 9, Pastelle Varsity in Medium (Any Style), Yeezy 180’s (WHAT ARE THOSE?!).

JUST KIDDING, but forreal. I need those, so don’t come empty-handed.

Catch the installation on it’s last showing (JULY 28th, 2015) at:

LACMA – 5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

What are you doing? Go, NOW!

Until next time y’all, thanks for reading my words!