The world of BIKE POLO is all sorts of new to me. Although I haven’t actually played quite yet (Oy, I’m working on building a polo bike, promise), I do have tons of fun watching others play the good ol’ game of polo. I was skeptical at first, but now I’m inuit. So, what is bike polo? Well, it’s exactly what you think it is. It’s the game of polo, but on a bike. And your mallet is made of a ski pole and pvc tubing. And you can’t touch the ground. And there’s six people on a concrete court also on bikes. Sound interesting? Oh, you have no idea.

This past weekend, the Burlington bike polo crew put together a bike polo tournament entitled “Last Stand.” What were they standing for? Their polo court for goodness sake! The city of Burlington will be removing the current polo court within the month to replace is with a parking lot. Sadface. The tournament invited polo players from all over the US and Canada to enjoy the “Last Stand” — a chance to play on the beautiful, waterfront polo court just one more time.

The tournament was a success! Polo was played. Donations for a new court were collected. Hot dogs were ate and Gatorade was drank. We took swim breaks at the beach and they played games till dark all weekend long. Players from Portland, Ottawa, New York City, and more joined in on the fun and gave Burlington’s court one more pedal around. PS: There were tons of ladies playing, too!

There’s no news on a court yet, but with the amount of attention bike polo received this weekend, I’m sure there will be talk soon. 3-2-1, POLO!!!!!