With the new season kicking off last weekend and opening day next week, I will miss going to Candlestick Park. One thing I wont miss is the incredible amounts of traffic leaving after the game. With that thought I’m looking forward to going to the new Levi’s Stadium for our home opener.

We were fortunate enough to make it out to a few pre-season games and for the first one, Cindy occupied the other seat with me. Lucky for me she enjoyed most of the game without asking how long we were going to be there too many times. 🙂 The stadium was pretty nice. They talked it up quite a bit and I didn’t get to see all the amenities the stadium has to offer but the free wifi worked, the bathrooms were clean and the seats were cushioned.

Parking was a breeze. Lucky we parked across this section. Very easy to get out.

Cindy and I. After this, we cruised around to figure out where and what to eat.

This section was for club members. Not too crowded but I wonder how its going to be on opening day.

The many selections of food. I heard some sections ran out of food but lucky there wasnt that problem here.

There’s a bar separating the 50 yard line premier seat license holders. Each seat license across from this bar costs $80,000. Can you imagine!!!

Go Niners!

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