My cousins were talking about doing a marathon in the Pasa Robles/Coalinga on Friday, and had asked if I wanted to hitch a ride with them. So not even 12 hours after J’s flight back to LA from the bay, I found myself packing for LA and on my way to Socal the next day for the weekend.

Since cousin’s were going to be in town for the weekend, they always trying to do something that involves alcohol. They’re always drinking. Like, Monday-is-no-different-from-Saturday-kind of drinking. J was set to attend Libertine for this 6th Annual Aquarius-Pisces Mash Up with $30 open bar (yes, the good stuff). He opened the invitation for us to join and the plan went through. Paying $30 for practically unlimited drinks was too good to pass up.

Libertine || 8210 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Myself, Tricia (Chicharon Adventures/Rick&Ray Creative Management), Miss Jenn K

My fam + friends + bf

Myself, Jon, Girlee, Tricia, Jenn K, Timmy

I wish I remembered the last half of the night. I was told a whole lot of stuff I can’t recall. All I can say is I’ve given up drinking vodka and pineapple juice for the rest of my life. If you haven’t experienced the madness that is Libertine, do it for your liver. Good times. Good times.

P.S. Happy belated birthday to Jenn K, Timmy, Jay-P, and Joel. Much love.