Mike Giant – “Reflections on Past, Present and Future”
Guerrero Gallery
2700 19th Street San Francisco, CA 94110
December 11th 7-11pm

Guerrero Gallery is pleased to announce “Reflections on Past, Present and Future” an exhibition featuring works by Mike Giant. A body of work that’s intended to lead us to reflect on our past and how our past has influenced who we’ve become today, Mike’s presentation of honored and praised iconography prompts us to contemplate how we can continue to evolve. Branching out from his traditional medium of ink and paper, Mike has created collage works and hand paintings on canvas, bringing forth a new body of work that surpasses expectation.

Throughout the years, Mike Giant has proven to be one of the best draftsmen around. Known for this precision in the realm of drawing, he has utilized this exhibition as a springboard to more diversely express personal thought and emotion. Working with visually journalistic matter, he composes images that bring us back to the times when we were seeking role models and inspirational influences. Through the use of images that personally influence and drive him, these works seemingly present a diary or sorts and provide us with true insight into Mike as a person.