“The camera we rely on the most is the one in our pocket” – Marc Barros

Meet Moment a new solution for quality iPhone photos. What separates this company from the rest of the mobile phone lens market is their attention to detail and their knowledge of design and engineering with a background and experience in manufacturing waterproof action cameras and cinematic lenses

Moment is available for various devices including iPhone 4S, 5S, 5, 5C, iPad 3rd and 4th Gen, iPad 2, and Galaxy S2, S3, S4.

From the website –
The Moment optics are different:

We optimized multi-element designs using the same recipe in designing professional cinema glass for HD film. We then fabricate the lens elements in the same high precision optical manufacturing facilities that produce lenses for 4K cinema. We believe we are the first company to integrate such high end glass into mobile lenses.

What makes the Moment Lenses the best on the market?

Lens construction: Multi-element designs with high efficiency broadband coatings.
No Distortion: Advanced lens designs minimize geometric distortion to fractions of a percent. No photoshop required!
Minimal Chromatic Aberration: Minimized via expert glass selection and expert design forms
Better MTF Performance: We allowed slightly larger lens diameters to fully optimize the quality from the center of the frame to the edge of the frame

The sleek case design makes it easy to fit in your pocket for instant portability, but the lenses can be used with or without a case. It works using a thin metal plate that is unobtrusive for users that prefer to not use any case, while at the same time it disappears under any standard phone case. The mounting interface is convenient, easy to use and reliable according the the site.

Available in two lens options with both a telephoto and wide angle. Compare the images below to compare the Native lens with both the Telephoto and Wide Angle.

As an avid Instagrammer I often wish that I would have different lenses similar to my DSLR, but the actual quality of the other lenses on the market that I have tried have been unfortunately sub-par. Moment with their engineering and dedication to quality may just be the answer that I’ve been looking for.

If you would like more info on Moment and be one of the first to own one check them out via their Kickstarter Campaign with a target release date of June 2014. Note they already surpassed their goal within a couple days of launching the campaign.