Classic Tuning: Mooneyes USA
Words / Photos by Mark Arcenal

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Took a trip to one of the companies that help start it all for me. Mooneyes. Located in the same place since it all started back in the 50s, MOONEYES is located in Santa Fe Springs, California. If you’re around the area, come on in and say hello and be sure to ask for a shop tour.

front cars

From the iconic eyes logo parked in the front lawn to company hot rods parked around the premises, you immediately feel the nostalgia that made the brand famous.



Upon entering the store, you notice right away all the accessories that they offer along with parts they make in house.



We talked to the girl working the store and talked to Leonard who does the shipping. He met the crew a few months before us checking out the store so he kindly offered to take us on a tour of the facility. The first thing I notice is how much machinery they still have and how much stuff is done in-house. It was really refreshing to see the company still making parts instead of doing things overseas. Made in America.




And they had race cars.. A Bonneville Salt Flat race car.

and a replica of their OG race car.

Overall, the shop is all I expected and more. I really love that Mooneyes is still going strong after so many years. I remember the owner of Mooneyes checking out my Skyline and said to me he liked it during JCCS last year. At the time I didnt know he was the owner until someone verified it but I’m glad he likes what we’re doing. Look out for Mooneyes products at the opening of our retail store at the paddock during our sale weekend, Open house and BBQ. Let us know if you’re going on Facebook.

Thanks to the Mooneyes staff for the tour. It’s awesome.


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