Based in Los Angeles, the indie pop group Dum Dum Girls originally began as a solo project from singer/songwriter Dee Dee Penny, however she eventually transitioned the project into an all girl band. Their name is reference to the song “Dum Dum Girls” by Talk Talk, and they often list musical acts like Siouxsie & The Banshees, Patti Smith, The Ronettes, and Billie Holiday as inspirations for their music. Another fun fact, all the band members have the words “Dum Dum” tattooed on a finger. In 2009, the band signed with Sub Pop records launching their career to a new level, and lead to a booking at SXSW in 2010 as well as a US Tour with Vampire Weekend and Beach House. I’m absolutely obsessed with this upcoming music group, and have a major crush on all of them. My favorite song is “Blank Girl” which features Brandon from the Crocodiles.

For your headphones:
Jail La La
Baby Don’t Go
Bhang Bhang I’m A Burnout