Our first night in NY, Blue Scholars and Bambu made their last stop of the Cinemetropolis Tour in New York’s Bowery Ballroom. We bumped into Geo (Blue Scholars) and KJButta (Cerritos All Stars), walking around prior to the show. Also, C-Knowledge (Bam’s road manager), manning the merch table downstairs. We stopped to chat with him about how tour life has been and all his crazy experiences traveling across the country.



The MC for the night: Grynch, The Physics, plus a couple of other acts took stage to open the show. This was my first time seeing Seattle hip-hop take the stage.

Grynch did his thing as the MC of the night and also doing a couple of tracks. He has this crazy track called “My Volvo,” that I can’t get over. The guy is good. I wish the photos of The Physics came out well enough to post. Sadly, not. However, they did a solid number. Their background vocalist are off the hook, their DJ does it all, they collectively share great chemistry and embody what Seattle life is like through their delivery.  I’ll be looking forward to seeing them perform again in the future.

Bam rocked it with DJ Infrared in absence of Phatrick.

Blue Scholars rocked the hell out of Bowery. My only photos of them were towards the end with everyone that performed that night as the encore. Almost got sad that they didn’t play No Rest For The Weary, but to my surprise, they threw it in as the final track of the night.

Overall this show goes down as my favorite Bam and favorite Blue Scholars performance. I’m proud of these artists, and more importantly I’m proud of hip-hop. Seattle(and LA) rocked it at a sold out NY crowd. NY really showed love. Big ups to Seattle Hip-Hop, NY Hip-hop, the performers along with Bam, and Blue Scholars!

By the way, does anyone need 50 cents?