This year, NY Fashion week was found it’s new permanent home at Lincoln center.  For me it was a sad move as I loved the ambiance at Bryant Park and the option for Koi sushi across the way.  I am not much for uptown unless it is a visit to Bergdorfs, Chrome Hearts, or American Kennel!  I personally found it to be unemotional, but I could say the say about myself.

Headed to the Luca Luca fashion show, I entered back stage where all of the models were in going through the “works”.  Here as the amazing dressers.   With all of my fashion experience, I have never been one – just the designer.  I know it is a hard labor and stressful gig.  If you aren’t good at it, it all falls from there.

Each one of those white cards has the picture of the model and her “look” for the runway pasted on them.

Now I HAVE been a model.  My way into the fashion industry.  These girls are young, and hoping from show to show.  It doesn’t matter if they like the clothes or not.  They really are just a hanger.

The show begins

The collection is not the same w/o Luca.  There is a new Creative Director.

Great assemblance

Solange and I.  Reacquainted from the Jay Z VIP lounge.  Her hair is way BIGGER than mine.

Next I popped over to the G Star show at the pier in 55th and West Side Hwy.  It was an amazing space.

The collection was great, but the designer Pierre, only makes these looks for the runway.

This is how Rob’s hair is meant to look.

Very utilitarian.  Live Tyler and Tyrese were the G Star celebs.

Back at Linoln center, Angeline and I went to the VIP lounge which was designed and created by Iman and her new home collection.

How amazing is this bag?

Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci, and Chanel are all a part of this treat.