Just thought I’d share my thoughts as well as a few photos that I took the past couple of days. I REALLY like it down here in Orange County. So much that I’m considering on moving the familia down if we can find something super awesome and has a great school district to match. It’s really all about the kids these days so figuring out the answers are really the hardest things when it comes to them. Anyways, heres a few photos from the past 2 days.

Today started off pretty good. I had a brunch meeting with Jay Pizarro. We’re going to be working together as Jay will be heading up a new program of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We ate at Haute Cakes Cafe and it was pretty good.

I then headed to our Sneaker event dubbed, Kicks Chicks & Whips. We were fortunate to borrow Rob from Crooks & Castles Ferrari 458 Italia. This thing is a masterpiece with or without the quality sneakers around it.

The rear of the Datsun 520 was filled with dunk. Vintage tin meets classic kicks.

Today was a very sad day. I sold the datsun and its new owner drove it away after the event.

Another photo of the datsun.

The Eminem Jordan 4’s & the Undefeated Jordan 4s. Both worth over 10k each. Incredible.

I’m super stoked that my 1962 CB77 Superhawk 305cc built by the one and only Len Higa of Oni Motorworks is nearly completed. Len and I got to talking after seeing his incredible CB77 bike a few years back and talked about building one similar. Something that had history and road incredible. Len hand crafted many parts on this bike including the tank and seat and spent countless hours to get it looking like this.

Next post: Recap of the Ruckout.
About the images: just messing around with some filters….

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