Have you ever wondered what happens at a baby shower?  Well the days of playing baby games and high teas are over (at least in LA).  Today, baby showers can not only be co-ed, but they are full glamourous events.  Who made the baby diaper cake?  Will these be saved to for when the baby comes?

The party was NOT co-ed, but it was a PJ party at night.  All Day Marion and I stressed over what PJ’s to wear!  Marion was figuring out her nighty wear all the way till we hit the drive way!

Last time Danielle had an event for her 2 yes old (only last month) I was underdressed.  This time – I was not going to let it happen.  I had Rob all over the city.  I decided on the Betsy Johnson turquoise leopard print.  The only leopard I bought this season.

Like most girls we start off nice.  Kathryn, the worlds best party thrower, did an excellent job for the gorgeous angelic mommie to be- Danielle

After a few drinks, not had by all, but all of us feeling the energy – the party up a notch with the props at the photo booth.

She is channeling her inner child!

I want to know who found the boob bong!

Yes this is real.  It is not photoshop.  And I have several more I did not think were appropriate to post even though the ladies all said yes – that night.

I think we took this shot 10 times.  I  do the blog, so someone isn’t going to be happy!   Me and my babies both with babies.

The best night cap for was the waffle bar as we waited for the tarot card reading that we never got.  I guess it’s better not to know everything the  future brings, but we do know Danielle is having a boy!!!!!