A little late to the party but considering I am not a California-native I think this post still deserves some daps! Ok, maybe not but let me share my experience from the perspective of a Japanese Tattoo fan. The Japanese American National Museum, located in downtown Los Angeles, has been running an exhibit centered around the culture of Japanese tattoos. Entitled “Perseverance – Japanese Tattoo Tradition in a Modern World“, the exhibit represents a careful selection of works and photos from several renowned tattoo artists worldwide. Since I was in town for a hot minute, I decided to make a special trip to view the amazing work and examples of true Japanese tattoo artistry as photographed by Kip Fulbeck.

My favorite part of the exhibit was standing beside the life-size bodysuit photographs. The word perseverance suitably represents the determination and ability to overcome pain in the name of these masterful pieces.

Not sure if you’re about that life? This works just as well as photo-chopping yourself 😛

The exhibit was carefully curated by Takahiro Kitamura and will run until September 14, 2014. The cost is $9 for adults and worth every penny. So if you’re in the LA area, check it out, support the museum and let’s encourage them to bring more installations like these in the future.