Since opening in 2005, Prada Marfa has become a fashion ‘destination’ of sorts for all wanderlusters interested in making a pit-stop at one of the most random, iconic installations that have nothing to do with anything. You can read more about it at the Wiki page I linked, but it was originally built as a “pop architectural land art project.” Is that even a category?? If it wasn’t, it is now.


The shop/ installation is actually something I’ve wanted to check out for years, so when my roadtrip took us through Austin & Carlsbad, I figured a two hour-ish detour through Marfa wouldn’t hurt. The original goal was to capture the shop at sunrise (I have a serious obsession with sunsets & sunrises) but I didn’t account for overcast weather and gray skies. Oops. Ji and I ended up driving 6 or 7 hours through the night for no darn good reason. She was stoked about that.



It’s always surprising to me when people have heard of it. I mean, if you’re not into fashion or art or both, how would you know about it? It’s literally in the middle of nowhere and doesn’t serve any sort of function. You go. You take some pictures. You lament what a long drive it was. You post it on social media. You leave. Surprisingly, after I shared a picture on Facebook, I saw that another 3-5 friends had visited it as well. Maybe this is Marfa’s ‘busy’ season? IDK.