Publish Brand gets ready for the summer with their first foray into swimwear with a collection of boardshorts available in four unique styles, the Anderson, Silas, Taku, and Weaver. Made from high-quality fabrics and material, the boardshorts are water resistant and quick drying and provide comfort for those days lounging poolside or at the beach.

The Silas comes in a trio of two-toned styles.
Publish Brand_Silas Boardshorts_Collection

The Taku has a progressive style that blends the classic runner cut with a drop crotch inseam.
Publish Brand_Taku Boardshorts_group

The Weaver is an update to the classic surf short and features Publish Brand’s signature camo.
Publish Brand_Weaver Boardshorts_Collection

The Anderson features four sublimated oil-washed colors.
Publish Brand_Andersen Boardshorts_group

Publish Brand Boardshorts retail from $60 to $62 USD and are available now at