Oui, oui! Je t’aime Repetto et Opening Ceremony et les chaussures! Pardon my not-so-fluent French (thank you four years of higher education), but I just had to share with you what I will be purchasing this Fall. Yup, it’s true. I finally found my perfect pair of leopard print flats. A venture I’ve been on since 2006.

This classy collaboration between Repetto and Opening Ceremony is definitely one that I have been awaiting. All of the prints are done superwell and I could almost take all three, but I’m not so sure spending $1,200 on animal print ballet flats is really in my budget right now. So I’ll just snag the leopard and leave the rest for you.

Get ready for more Frenchie collabs from Opening Ceremony as just a month ago they annouced France as their collaborative country for 2010. Prepare for some Cacharel, Gaultier, et St. James. Ahhhh, oui oui!