Porsche Tuning: S-CAR-GO RACING
Words by Andre Kim/Photos by Jon Chow

Just past San Francisco, tucked away in San Rafael, is a garage where car enthusiasts are hard at work, stripping apart cars and putting them back together. In this particular garage, there is a certain ambience, which is noticeable from the quality of work and ethics of its employees.

Robert King founded S-CAR-GO Racing in 1991. King always has and will have a love for Porsches, so it makes sense that his garage works primarily on Porsches. The thing that sets this shop different is the history and work philosophy that King has for himself and employees.

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On Friday, July 8th 2011, we went to visit S-CAR-GO Racing. As we park, and walk up to the garage we can’t help but notice the outside eye-candy of Porsches. At this point we knew were at the right place. Upon entering the garage one can’t help but notice the display of numerous rims, license plates and plaques of magazine cut outs featuring Porsches. The plaques of featured Porsches are Porsches that S-CAR-GO has worked on. But that is only on the surface, just a bit further inside lies a plethora of Porsches ranging from old models to new, each having some unique type work being done to them. If that wasn’t enough to set your gears in motion, S-CAR-GO Racing has an additional garage next door, yes full of beautiful vehicles. While they primarily work on Porsches, they do get other cars as well. On this particular day
aside from Porsches, there were also two Mazda Miatas, an Acura NSX, and Ferrari.

“Make it work. Anything can be done,” said long time employee Brandon Heiman of S-CAR-GO’s outlook on projects. Aside from this can do philosophy, King’s history helped him shape and continue the success of his store. King’s passion for Porsches and cars started before he knew it, because it was King’s father’s love for cars that heavily influenced King. In addition to his father’s passion becoming his own passion, King expressed his passion further, from working at a Volkswagon dealership to building motors for Volkswagon, and obtaining his first Porsche at only 17 years old. It was inevitable that King would open up his own garage.

Aside from tuning cars, S-CAR-GO Racing also builds custom cages, and headers. The headers get shipped all over. The turn around on vehicles depends on what kind of work is being done, but generally it would take a week at most, for S-CAR-GO Racing to finish work on a car. According to another employee if a vehicle comes in early enough, and depending on the work being done, S-CAR-GO Racing can have the vehicle done within a day. Despite this the shop, seems to be full of cars each needing work to be done.

When asked on King’s preference of air cooled Porsches or water cooled, King responded with, “Air cooled is the way to go!”

If you want to make that Porsche of yours go faster, get something customized or curious to know what S-CAR-GO Racing can offer you, visit S-CAR-GO Racing’s web site at www.scargoracing.com.


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