Somewhere in downtown LA, around the corner from the american cement building, there is a park with a lovely fountain and a man made lake.  But don’t be fooled by its beauty.  There is all kind of mysterious things happening around here.

What’s that saying “Don’t step on a crack or you’ll break your mother’s back”.  Well I stepped on one.

I guess stepping on that crack is how I ended up at the infamous Bonnie Brae.  There is no reason to be down here unless you are getting into trouble or visiting the Brunetti’s.

You’ll run in to abstract artists like Wilbert Anthony Aria.  What’s in the dopp kit?

Be tempted by seductive video games

Or find Sand One, East LA’s  female graffiti artist.

Sand One is all about girl power.  When I arrived she already had a female crew.
Cynthia Erickson from and Ashley Hammen, segment producer of Ultimate Surprises @yahoo.

In her rented Subaru Forester, Sand One gathers her goods to continue with her 3rd day of painting.

Essentials: Diamond socks and another pair of gifted Nike’s.

I asked who the the girl in the painting was.  She said “Goldn Girl, a character she developed that’s going to be a part of a T-shirt line in Fred Segal”.  I asked her 2X if that is how she is spelling Goldn – apparently so!

Anyway – Sand said “Mel”, Goldn likes heels, sushi, diamonds, and pink glove love fights.  Sand One didn’t know that no-one calls me Mel – but now she does!

The downside of being in DTLA, Sand noticed a bum took a standing shat on her wall-art over night.

Miami graffiti artist, Miss Red came in to help Sand and paint some of famous diamonds.

Work tools.


I must say I totally respect Sand for her courage and primitive ways.  She paints on a ladder that she assembled her self, she didn’t rent a scissor lift, and had no assistants painting for her.  So all you hater’s and street art snobs can stop here and now.    Miss Red thinks Sand is nutz.  She would never get on a ladder any more – too many falls.




Sand One in action.


When Sand wanted to take this picture, I told her I preferred to have a can in my hand and put my mark on the wall. She thought I was kidding.

She’s happy and taking a break.  A local was selling this bike for $200 bucks if you’re interested.

I said my goodbyes and ran into the neighborhood Jesus store to avoid a left turn on to Bonnie Brae.  Is this Jesus or Santaria?

I don’t know.  I just need to keep my nose to the floor and run for the hills.