SurfAid’s core mission is to save the lives of women and children in remote areas of Indonesia – areas connected to us by surfing. Current programs are in the Mentawai, Nias, Sumba and Sumbawa.

Billabong has recently announced a partnership with SurfAid’s flagship program in Indonesia. SurfAid focuses on women and children in impoverished neighborhoods throughout Indo which is one of the worlds most iconic surf destinations. Attempting to reduce mortality rates, increase infant survival during childbirth, reduce malaria, provide clean water, offer education, as well as improve overall health, well-being, and self reliance for the people living in this region. They have also set up programs at schools in the U.S, Australia, & New Zealand which teaches children the value of giving back, as well as becoming good citizens with a strong global awareness. This partnership has provided SurfAid with additional funding and exposure.

Every donation will help save a life. You can help with the purchase of a Surf Aid item.

If your interested in learning more please click here #BillabongXSurfAid