Hello!  Melissa Meister here with my first Fatlace Blog.  I am excited to finally be able to share all of my awesome life experiences, as I have had many and plan on many more.   My life is in the entertainment world.  A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to style Dylan and Cole Sprouse for a Pokeman commercial in Malibu California.  A tough day for tough pay! 🙂

As the Costumer Designer, my job is to create the look the client, Nintendo, is looking for.  I receive direction from the Ad agency, and then create my own interpretation of their ideas.  I can’t say I won the creative battle here, as I would have done something a bit different.  Anyway, here we are on set establishing the first look.  Once the camera rolls,  I am technically no longer needed on set.  My costume team takes over to keep the look “working”.  Lilia – you did a great job!

Believe it or not Dylan is actually working.  Both he and Cole are fun and great with their deliveries.

This is “set”.  Backyard Productions found this amazing house through their location manager and we rented it for the day.  I did not go in the pool.  By end of day, Malibu was back to it usual shitty weather.

Just a different point of view.  The extras had a great day until the directer, Bo Mirosseni, had them in the pool for 2 hours straight. Being an extra is a gig I never had to do.  It seems like tough work to get a SAG card.

A little green screen action for some web stills.  I love the animation.  The Sprouse brothers shorts are from Val Surf (their favorite) and T-shirts are from American Apparel (one of my favorites).

I styled everyone around the girl in the yellow bikini.  I was NOT going to changer her outfit.  When I found out Leo Burnett wanted Cole Sprouse in the yellow T – I worried the bikini might not work, but I think everyone else liked it as much as I did.  Young and hot in Malibu.