This past weekend we ventured from LA to Las Vegas for the annual Stance Wars show. Enthusiasts from all over the west coast and Rocky Mountain states converge on Sin City for a weekend of automotive fun. It had only been a week since we wrapped up our Base Camp trip before we were hitting the road yet again. The never-ending chase to capture to dopest content that this culture has to offer. 

We hit the road Friday morning and rolled into town later that afternoon to prepare for the pre meet that we were co-hosting with Stance Wars and Karuma Limited at Cafe 86. The homie, PJ Leyba drove his bagged Ferrari 348 convertible from Denver, Colorado and was just one of many friends that we were expecting to attend. This included our buddies Meek and Kyle that helped coordinate the venue’s acquisition for the meet. As we set up our booth and the cars began rolling in, the aura felt very similar to that of the late 2000’s. Multiple enthusiasts from that era such as myself and a majority of our team could really relate to the nostalgia that feeling brings. Clean cars, cool people, and a laid back vibe overall. 

Initially we expected the get together to last for a couple of hours before everyone parted ways, but it didn’t break up until late that night. We took advantage of the neon waves crashing over the sky rise hotels and casinos on The Strip and it made for some killer rolling shots. PJ’s Ferrari, among others looked super rad skating down the street. Here are a few photos of our drive up, the pre meet itself, and the midnight run after the fact. Stay tuned for the show coverage next!

Photo: Mark Enriquez & Kyle Sisana