Questions sometimes arise when watching the world around you. For example whats more important? Understanding the attractiveness and storytelling qualities of a stickered-up “No Parking” pole or removing these stickers allowing the little plastic remnants to fly away in the wind, littering the street? Seems simple. But I wonder who makes the decision on where to send out the pole scraper guy?  Funniest part is this particular sign in front of hq can be removed from the ground by just pulling up on it. You’d think they’d fix that before dealing with the stickers. Order of operations a little backwards.


In other street cleaning news… There was an accident blocking 3 lanes of traffic on southbound 101 in Marin. 20+ Good Samaritans pulled over to help the driver of the flipped vehicle. Not sure what the cause of the accident was, or the status of the victim. Hopefully everyone involved is ok.