I might be in love with the L.A. based indie pop trio known as Best Coast. No wait–it’s for sure. I am definitely in love with Bethany, Bob, and Ali and their surf rock sound. If I had to pick a soundtrack of the summer? I’d say it’d have to be Crazy For You, which actually has already sold over 10,000 units and moved to #36 on Billboard’s Top 40 in just 2 short weeks.

Their sound has been classified as lo-fi…andor…garage rock..andor…surf pop. Whatever you wanna call it, I dig it. On repeat. Bethany Cosentino, the bands front woman and songwriter, is backed up by Bobb Bruno, a multi-instrument musician, and Ali Koehler, drummer who recently joined the previous-duo last month after leaving the Vivian Girls. The trio totally works in a “I could listen to this all day long” kinda way. So go ahead, press play, and let your ears decide if you can get down with the Summer sound of Best Coast.