You’re going to have to excuse the next couple of posts. I tried little to get in that photogenic frame of mind and wanted to relax for once. Beware…these tourist photos can be pretty boring. Weclome to San Diego. This is day one.

Extraordinary Desserts on Fifth Ave. Girls will say “It’s like cock but better!” (???) Rest assured, I had to find out if that was the case. This place is all about cakes and other shit alike. And I didn’t stutter…I said cakes son. Like flower, sugar and frosting. I didn’t know whether to eat a slice or fuck the shit out of it! I guess you had to be there.

Back at the suite in total tranquility.

San Francisco has its fare share of perversion but So Cal takes the cake for having the most oddest nudie joints in small radius. Here at, you can literally get a 20 minute lapdance for $60 and walk a block to get a slushy at 7 Eleven. It is that convenient here.

Stumbling around Garnet Ave on taco tuesday, I stopped at a pretty legit tattoo shop called Guru Tatoo. Half tattoo shop…half art museum.

Another one for the collection. “East meets West” tattoo print by Aaron Della Vedova.

Peace San Diego. It was fun.