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Waterfest is every year in Englishtown, NJ. You’ll find yourself among the likes of dubbers and audi heads that all have similar tastes: dumped, shaved, & clean. New trends emerge every year, but classics will always remain. In my honest opinion, I love the classic look.  Here are some of my favorite pics from this year:   FOLLOW…

MIVW 2010

How do you get people from Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, United kingdom and more together on one day? You can trust the guys of MIVW, this year they did it again. With over more then 1000 cars of VAG’s on the event it was a huge success. Here some pics of the event.

Cars and Coffee Houston, July Edition

A week a go the traditional Cars and Coffee was hold in Houston. Many people knows already what the concept of CC is.. just a meet with some nice exotic cars and drink some coffee. This time there were more then only exotics.. David Ly provided me some pics of this meet..