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Stephen Brooks Films

We live in an age where drifting edits are a dime a dozen, so it isn’t easy to stand out in the crowd among your peers, but there are a few people who remain on the forefront of shooting in a way that others can’t seem to capture. One person who appears to be in…

2012 Formula D: Irwindale Teaser

The 2012 season of Formula D is finally coming to an end with the last event on the calendar the infamous Irwindale, aka The House of Drift. We arrived Thursday only to find the weather wasn’t being as supportive as it could have been. In fact, at some moments, it was downright angry with lightning and hail…

Slammed Society: Irwindale

Finishing off back down in SoCal at the famous Toyota Speedway in Irwindale, aka the House of Drift.  Registration is now open for the last Slammed Society Showcase of the year. Sign up for it after the jump.