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Highlights from Agenda Long Beach Winter 2017

A couple weeks back I attended Agenda Long Beach, which kicked off tradeshow season as I attended three shows in a week. Agenda featured many of the same brands as usual from the streetwear and action sports worlds. There were a few new brands and some great new products showcased. Here are a few highlights…

Ruck Out Hawaii Recap

The second annual Ruck Out Hawaii presented by Honda Powersports, Super Street Bike, Alpinestars, illest Hawaii, and Flexfit returned to Honolulu. Similar to the previous year many Honda Ruckus, Grom, and Metro owners along with a few other 2-wheeled friends joined in on a half day adventure around the island. Participants gathered in the morning…

Pow!Wow!Hawaii! Video Recap by Knockaround

Knockaround sunglasses has released an awesome quick video recap highlighting the Pow!Wow!Hawaii! event. The limited edition Pow!Wow!Hawaii! x Knockaround shades are available now. I’m still in the catching up and editing mode, but will post photos soon, so in the meantime enjoy the video. Knockaround x POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015! from Ace Moyer on Vimeo.

Ruck Out Hawaii Video

Better late than never here is the official Ruck Out Hawaii video recap. I’m stoked to have helped produce this event. It was a super fun experience. You really can’t beat riding around Hawaii on a Ruckus. Thanks to everyone that was part of the event – Cycle World, Flexfit, Alpinestars, Illest Hawaii, and Pow!Wow!Hawaii!.


Aloha Nui everyone!  Check out this public mural works project in Hawaii called Pow Wow Hawaii.  This video celebrates the 3rd annual week long event, the Kanaka lifestyle (Hawai’i and the people) and the artist who come to celebrate the energy of this great place! POW! WOW! HAWAII 2013 from POW! WOW! Hawaii on Vimeo.