I am just touching down from a return flight from JFK and with out stopping at M cafe,  I am off to Dr. Hobbs.  Definitely one of my favorite Dr’s, referred to me through the Williams Sisters.  I passed on a weekend in  NY so I would not miss this appointment – even though it is a prescription for pain.  I see Dr. Hobbs for a few different reasons.  She has a delicious menu all designed to make you look beautiful and hold on tightly to your youth.  BUT, today I am here for tattoo removal.

Each time, for tattoo removal, you need to sign a waiver.  All kinds of things could go wrong. Possible lightness, darkness, discoloration.

Dr. Hobbs takes this very seriously.

A new feature in the office – the nurse blows cold air on my first ink spot before Dr. cooks it.  The cold air does absolutely nothing.

Now I must say, I started my tattoo removal before Kelly Osbourne made it chic and what’s haute.  Let’s get the world to fashion tattoo’s and now let’s get them removed.  The only thing I can say is that I got all, but one, of my tattoos in the 90’s when it really was the thing to.  I am not saying I started the removal trend, I think Cher did,  and I do agree with Kelly –  but this was my own idea.   I am getting two removed now – I have more.

Chinese character  “enjoy one’s self”  It’s fading but the fun certainly is not.

I made it thorough the neck like a champ, but this tramp stamp had me kicking and screaming.  We had to stop and  apply the super strength numbing cream – not available in stores.  Just FYI this is about 50 times more painful than getting it.  It feels like your flesh is burning

15 minutes of numbing and she’ll be back for more torture!

Those of you going to Dr. HO for removing your tatts are going to the wrong place, I don’t think he has the Revlite machine.  The best machine available for getting rid of your dirty ink.

Dr. Hobbs is no joke.

Again, the cold air does absolutely nothing.


The team that made it happen.  The forehead crease is from pressing my face into the table it hurt so bad.  I think it lasted half the day.

Don’t you complain about how much this costs young lady!!

Always treats at the door.