Little Tokyo a.k.a. LIT TOKYO a.k.a. home to #ILLESTLA, I just ask you to press play. No questions, please.

Carrying on…

Wsup y’all, reporting live with an Iced Cubano from Coffee Commissary (they didn’t pay me to say that, however, I hope they will), this is Ferrariartie bringing you a special bittersweet farewell dedicated to Little Tokyo. Instead of giving you the easy sob story, all while listening to THE ENNND OF THE ROOOAD, I’m going to take you through my favorite TINGS in Lil’ Tokyo.

Here we go.

The “Don’t” Hall, for all you Trapsoulist. Literally lit, a must see when the sun goes down.


From one street to another, 2nd to 1st, is the most fire merchandised store in Little Tokyo; Bowls!

From streetwear to hair product, Bowls holds 1st Street down with a wide arrangement of goods. Tell ’em Art sent you, I can’t guarantee da plug, but at least you’ll have something to talk about. 🙂


I’m not even going to say anything about this establishment. No need. My numero uno in Lil’ Tokyo. Thank me later, no Drizzy.


After you stuff yourself with Monzo, head over to the Japanese American National Museum. Behind this interactive “OOMO Cube” art installation by Nicole Maloney.

The museum is currently featuring a Giant Robot Exhibit. Head over to edumacate yourself on some art game!


Made my way down Central., picked up OZERO’s Brown Sugar Boba + Grass Jelly, 2 lit fam, finally stumbling upon the homie NOIZE snoopin’ around #ILLESTLA. I’ll save the rest about him for a new segment of BEATS W/ ARTIE: #NP NOIZE. Stay tuned…


Big-ups to UFC fighter Lorenz Larkin & the Paradigm Sports Management team for coming thru! Expect some dope projects from both of our camps! Also, if you like trike drifting; check-out Limitless Trikes here!


And to 316 E 2nd Street, thank you for the memories. Big-ups to all those who’ve attended our events and supported the brand. It was a pleasure meeting the many people from all over the world! We appreciate the support, we truly do this for y’all!


Big-ups to my bro, Doug (@douggas on ig) for sharing his art with illest brand and our clientele. So much good vibes for our visitors to enjoy!


Thank you, Little Tokyo. What a year it’s been. I’ll definitely miss fighting for parking, Andre (Neighborhood Watch), Sauce Katsu Donburi from TOT, Man Salad from Seoul Sausage, and seeing some of the most random stuff only DTLA can offer.

 Until next time y’all,  stay tuned to where we make our next move! And keep your eyes peeled for my next segment of BEATS W/ ARTIE!


– Ferrariartie ( x )