It’s a very rare occasion that I post about menswear, so when I do you know it’s a brand that I completely support, and this is how I feel about the up and coming brand “Feltraiger” (pronounced FEL-TRAY-GER). Founded in 2009, creative directer Daniel Feldman has created a brand that draws inspiration from the various rebellious subcultures of the 20th century and a mixture of lifestyles found in our society.

The thing I love about Feltraiger is the DIY structure behind the brand, which is shown throughout the  creative process and production of each collection. The garments are designed, sampled, and produced in America, specifically in New York City where the designer currently resides. The pieces are only available in limited amounts, as well as hand numbered, further establishing the brand’s dedication to the importance of the creative process.

The Fall 2010 collection is available for purchase in the Feltraiger online store and will be shipping September 10th. My favorite pieces from the Fall line include the 1776 tee (which I could totally see myself in) and the Ivan jacket, a must have for every guy’s wardrobe.

Feltraiger Fall 2010

Photographer: Jonathan Feldman
Model: Marc Kalman
Stylist: Betsy Kenney
Photo/Styling Assistant: Adam Feldman