“He was watching it. Make sure it’s perfect before serving. If he will do it manually then it will take long hours before everyone at the restaurant can finally eat.” 

I wondered what could happen if everyone just did what they always loved to do. Who will watch over the machine to make the food for the people at the restaurant? Who will constuct the buildings? Who will drive the train? Who will fix the railways? Who will make our dresses?

 I guess anyone happy of what they do are those people who have found their dream. They will be excited and will become excellent at it because they are doing what they love to do.

People will respectfully wait because they know food will be served with everything of the chef.

 Anyone will look up at those men at the crane as high as the building knowing how much effort and sacrifice they have given to create such gigantic pieces of art.


And to wear a dress with pride knowing the fabrics were weaved through the hands of people who’s lives depended on how beautiful a fabric they can weave. How details were uniquely designed just for you and people will genuinely appreciate it as they appreciate theirs knowing how delicate it was made through the hands of a passionate tailor.


I guess we are all meant to be something we want. We all don’t have the same dreams, do we? We  will learn to understand how everyone feels if we have found who we really are.

©Photos not mine.