This past weekend, Wall Speedway was the host for yet another Formula Drift event. As in the past seasons, the course turned out to be very challenging; forcing the drivers to use the best of their abilities to control their monsters thru transitions between 30 degree banks to the flat parts of the track. Many remember the flash monsoon from last year that wreaked havoc throughout the venue, when it started to rain in the midst of qualifying this year. Some drivers were able to put in a good run before it began to drizzle, but others didn’t have a chance when track conditions completely changed. Overall, the event is like no other and if you haven’t yet attended one, I highly recommend you do. The fans, drivers and atmosphere is incomparable to any other event I have attended to in the past.

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Although every media member suffered with the increasing temperatures and humid conditions of the east coast, the amazing Formula D staff was kind enough to supply everyone with cold water throughout the weekend! Thanks guys!

This guy means business!!! Going out and getting a well deserved win, Vaughn Gittin Jr. celebrated with his family after beating Daijiro Yoshihara in a very intense final run. Finishing in third place Chris Forsberg fought the skillful japanese champion Daigo Saito.

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