A few weeks ago I went to Vegas with the fam so the kids can see great gramma. Took it easy, ate a lot and slept good. It was pretty much doing what we would do at home, but at Vegas.

This was a nice touch by Virgin, right Hunger Gamers?

When we landed, hit up our favorite German food spot Hofbrauhaus across the street from Neek’s Stussy shop.

Breakfast the next day was at Baby Stacks. One of my favorite destination breakfast spots now! Went there twice in a week. I had Butterfinger Pancakes.

Red Velvet… They also have an adobo omelette.

Pizza night was next.

Gave Aiden a monster truck for the trip to keep him occupied during the flight. He likes to roll over his other hot wheels w/ the monster, haha.

The M is dope. Pretty windy that day so the pool was closed.

The wind didn’t stop me from ordering steak at Hash House a Go Go. Portions are gigantic!

To my surprise, my sis-in-law was driving a vert s13.5. Stock looking, but has potential. I love those lights. I would never build a hybrid though.

Saw the Ring of Fire too. Looked more like a Black Scale crescent though. Would have had to drive 80 miles north the see the ring.

I was fooled by the marketing copy on this drink.

Always a good flight with Virgin. Kids were awesome flyers too!