The same company that brought us Bamboo is yet again brining another innovative idea to the table. Wacom’s latest product, Inkling, is set for release mid-September, and is either going to please artists or drive them crazy.

The product claims to be most ideal for the “creative process” of  your work. Using the digital pen you get with Inkling, you can sketch on ordinary paper, while it captures the digital likeness of your work. Now this is where things get interesting. Your sketches are stored on a digital receiver and you can transfer them onto your computer at your convenience. From there works can be fine tuned using Adobe Illustrator or a similar program.

At the same time any sketches can be exported and saved in various formats, if you wanted to use it with other applications. Some artists may find this way of sketching to be natural, while others may have hard time adjusting to it, then again some would just kick it old school with a pad and pencil.

Check it out here: Inkling